Introduction and travel plans :)


I’m starting this blog to primarily let out any thoughts on my travelling plans as well as document my adventures! I have wanted to do this for a while so finally glad I had the courage to do so.

Few facts about me


My name is Dami (Damilola on my birth certificate), I’m in my early 20’s and currently in my final year in Manchester, England studying Adverting and PR.

Born in London, lived mainly in Birmingham and Lagos Nigeria.

I’m taller than your average female (5’11 and ¾ if you want specific measurements)

I love reading! One of the recent books I have read  is “Room” by Emma Donoghue which I highly recommend.

I enjoy doing adventurous outdoorsy stuff

I hate snow and find it such a nuisance

I love reading manga and watching anime

I get really SQUIMISH around bugs to the point that it compels people to hit me so I can snap out of it!

I have 4 small tattoos that I got in my teens

I am ashamedly the biggest consumer of reality TV… From the Real Housewives of New York to Big Brother, I can’t get enough! the shame!

I love trying different kinds of meals although I was briefly put off after an unfortunate incident in Paris when I tried a strange meal which resulted in me almost throwing up! Ugh

I am the biggest music fan! I absolutely love music and currently active in the scene.

Speaking of Music, I have a slight not-so-secret obsession with Michael Jackson.

Only sport I follow is MMA.. I actually can’t get enough :S

There’s many more but you will learn along the way

Travel background, goals and inspirations


I have visited quite a few countries already however I have never done them independently or for such an extended period of time.

So next July after graduation, I have decided to go backpacking on the other side of the world starting from South East Asia or specifically Bangkok. This plan was actually implanted into my head via a suggestion by a dear friend of mine and further fuelled by the extensive information about the continent online. In the past, I considered working in one of the major theme parks in America  for the summer (Applied for Disneyworld and Universal Studios but did not get in because of my SMALL tattoos as they are incredibly strict when it comes to appearance!) and actually got offered a position in another theme park in LA this summer but I had to turn it down because I had resits at my university that I could not run away from and also realised that with the fees I had to pay to work for them as well as living expenses, that it would too expensive for such an experience. Even though, I did turn it down, I was still very disappointed not to have gone travelling this summer (Ok, not entirely true, I went Tunisia with my family so cannot really complain). To make sure I make this trip a reality next year, I have thrown myself into planning this hopefully more than once-in-a-lifetime trip!

 I will most likely be going on my own even though I have had my sister and friends express their interest in accompanying me (My sis read the post and was furious that I was treating this as a solo trip so I guess she’s coming!!) but for now, I will treat this as a solo trip. South East Asia seems like a fantastic option for me as it’s:

1)      Cheap – Being a student in multiple amounts of debt, this is HEAVEN SENT and makes the tedious task of scrimping and saving a lot easier!

2)      Culturally diverse – Looking forward to meeting the locals and getting immersed in their way of life. It will be a culture shock and I will probably cry for the first two weeks but this will help in my character building (I hope)

3)      FOOD!!! – Need I say more?

4)      The sights – From the beautiful beaches in Thailand to Halong Bay in Vietnam, I can’t wait to see what nature has provided us in that part of the world

I’ve decided to travel as a whole because of

5)      Independence and freedom!! I could do whatever I want.. even eat pig’s poo and it is very unlikely it will get back to my parents lol (I will not be doing anything silly like getting arrested though)

6)      Easy to meet new and like-minded people (apparently)

7)      No current responsibilities. I haven’t got a house or a car and my job is easily disposable (after I get my degree of course)

8)      The challenge. I know this trip will certainly not be easy but I look forward to thinking up ways to overcome any obstacles and gain new skills.

I have already planned my route and it will go as follows:-

Northern Thailand – Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia – Southern Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia  – Philippines’  – Hong Kong . I’m hoping to somehow fit in Burma and Sri Lanka in there too. I would absolutely and utterly LOVE to go to Tokyo simply because I am fascinated with and LOVE reading their manga and watching their anime but due to the fact that it is SO DAMN EXPENSIVE, it is more than likely that I will have to skip it

Since I have about 10 months to go and I haven’t booked anything yet, this may change…

Time is of no restraint for now; I am in no rush to get a graduate job.  I have started saving for this trip and I am currently on target in regards to my end budget

Anywhoo, that’s all for now but I will be updating this blog on a regular basis and if anybody has any suggestions for anything that could help, please feel free to mention! Thanks for your time!!!!!


What is your dream trip or destination? 


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  1. Hello Dami. I saw your comment on my blog about moving to Toronto. I can certain help if you have specific questions. If you look on the contact page on my blog there is an email address. Send any questions there. This sounds like an AMAZING travel plan you have, I would love to do a round the world trip myself, hopefully in the next few years. Good luck with it all.

  2. Very exciting plans, Dami! We’re going to SE Asia for the first time in the Spring (Thailand and Burma) and I’m thrilled, I’ll let you know what we learn. Excited to read more from you!

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