One night in Paris


Paris left a lasting impression on me…

 It is an absolutely beautiful city!!! (Sorry about the quality of some of the pictures, it was taken on my BlackBerry)

Eiffel Tower

Standing in front of the Eiffel tower

In July 2011, my friend Rochelle and I visited our friend who was staying there for the year and she guaranteed that we saw some of the major sights! She got us a weekend pass on the subway which turned out to be cost effective and was used to travel around the city.

Double decker train!

Usain Bolt advert in the subway

We visited the very pretty Galeries Lafayette,  a local shopping mall.

  We also went up to the rooftop to take in the scenery

      We visited the Lourve twice in both days but the queues were SOOOOO long that we just took pictures of its architecture and surroundings then left. 

During our stay we visited many cafés and restaurants including an american diner. I tried the coke float there for the first time and fell in love with it. All the cuisine in Paris was nice apart from one which made me almost throw up… I wish I had taken a picture of it  – It cost me 10 euros as well 😦

Yummy lasagne


A cocktail restaurant we visited that was featured in the film “Amelie”

We graced the Sacre-Coeur Basilica with our presence.

Waiting for tram lifts to the church

Waiting for tram lifts to the church

Views from inside

Nearly keeled over climbing up the stairs in the arc d’triumphe , however the end result was worth it. The scenery was on point and it turned out to be the highlight of my trip.

Random places we saw on our travels

We managed to fit in a lot over those 2days. We honestly wouldn’t have done it if my friend was not there… I suspect we would still be trying to find where the arc’d triumphe is by the end of the trip lol. We travelled  overnight return on the Eurolines coach which saved us about 100pounds (as we were travelling in peak times) but cost us an additional 7 hours each way compared to flight times and was at times really uncomfortable. 

Gazing out of a French window feeling almost Parisian haha

Poses before our torturous journey back to England.

Anyways, I definitely plan to go again soon for a much longer period and further explore its surrounding. Maybe go to the top of the Eiffel tower and see the bridge by the river Seine.. If I’m brave enough, try frog legs .

There’s so much more to see!

Have you visited Paris before? What sites did you see? Did you end up eating snails?


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  1. I’ve been to Paris a couple of times though I’m not a Francophile. I have fun. As for the lines for the Louvre, buy tickets on a website such as Expedia and you get a skip-the-line ticket; no wait.

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