Saving is going to be torture…


Travelling is something I enjoy doing and after deciding to take the plunge into extended travel, I realise that I would have to save, budget and cut out some things that I deem important in my life…

It is not as easy as it sounds.

I was doing so well over the past two months since I started saving (Taking more overtime at work to reduce socialising was a huge contributor as well as giving my cards to my mum lol) but over the past week, I have been making BIG unnecessary splurges that may have caused a minor setback. Before I made this huge commitment, (Well, I see it that way anyways) I never thought I would be one of those people who would be able to travel the world extensively as I only thought it was something “rich people do” but after much research I found that it is all about EXTENSIVE planning, saving and major sacrifices!

I am the most disorganised person in the world as well as a constant consumerist and with these negative traits combined, I have no clue as to how I’m going to handle this! However I do understand the need to save so… 😦

Sad face

Tortured sad face

This coming week, I will be going back into university for my final year and I am ready to make some major cuts in my life including:

  • Clubbing – I won’t stop completely but I will make it a mission to pre-drink before I embark into partying oblivion to cut costs drastically (or stop drinking,.. which I won’t do because I like my Rose too much sorry) *I’m not an alcoholic
  • Eating out and getting takeaways– I miss you already The Double Whopper 😥

What a Whopper!  MmmmmHmmm

  • Clothing and shoes – Tell me why I have American Apparel Disco Pants in almost every single colour?!
  • Hair care and weaves  😦 – This was the most painful sacrifice believe it or not, I spend 100’s on my hair per year so this will be a huge contribution.
  • Independence – I’ll be moving in with my dear aunty… We will see how this goes lol (Wait does this count as independence?)
  • Freedom – I’ll be trying to use my remaining time to work as many hours as my education can allow.
  • Sell unwanted items – Not now though, nearer to the date I set off.
  • Taxi’s – I have a habit of taking these everywhere and it eventually adds up..

I’ll have this and thousands more at my disposal when I’m done 😀 (hopefully)

I still plan to have some fun, I’m definitely not going to become a total hermit however FRIENDS AND FAMILY after reading this post,  I hope you understand why I have been saying NO to your offers of socialising than is deemed normal (That and maybe I was catching up on the latest Bleach manga/One Piece anime lol).

It will be hard and sometimes I know I will slip up but I will put a picture of Halong Bay as my screensaver so it would serve as a gentle reminder as to why I am torturing myself.

P.S My book (South-east Asia on a shoestring) arrived in the post a few days ago and it’s almost thicker than my bible! I don’t know where to start.. I feel so overwhelmed!! Any suggestions?

P.P.S As I was writing this I ordered some Dominoes pizza.. It will be the last time for a while I promise!

What other things would you suggest to help me save? What would you cut from your life if you were in my shoes?


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