Skydive from the edge of space


So last week, like millions around the world, I was watching Felix, an Austrian skydiver, jump from a small rocket thing at the edge of space to earth at 834 miles an hour.. It was mad but yet intriguing!!!

As I was watching Felix jump from space and see him achieve such an incredible feat, it made me realise why I love travelling so much..

The unpredictable experiences..

This space mission was planned meticulously and yet there were still some mishaps (as expected though, nothing in life is perfect)… the feeling of overcoming them and achieving that unique dream that may have been deemed impossible.. That’s amazing!

Sure travelling is not as extreme a feat but it still gives me the excitement, uncertainty, fear, worry and adrenaline rush that Felix, unless he’s a robot must have experienced.

(Above is the video of the stratosphere jump)

I know most of you lot will think I’m chatting poo and may not understand but watching this space mission has truly inspired me to keep on chasing those experiences that will give me long-lasting memories and in the short term, keep on saving and temporarily suffer so I can achieve my dreams of going SE Asia.

So.. Felix Baumgartner – well done


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