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Holiday Romance


Holiday Romance

My first holiday romance..

Fell in love with each other in Tunisia but we didn’t even get each other’s name..

So I call him Jay-Z.


Life is unpredictable…


This past month has been so turbulent! Not only did I meet Mario* and the half burnt guy from Batman, unfortunate circumstances has been encasing my life like an.. iphone case suffocating an iphone (Don’t ask, I know that makes no sense.)

I broke my laptop and moved house due to my previous one being completely inhabitable (It was like living in a sewer, it was horrid) so had to go into my travel savings to fund those which caused more unnecessary added stress! I also have my dissertation and other university work  looming over me like a dark cloud.. EEK!!

BUT – what is helping with this stress is the fact that I am getting ever closer to my graduation and in turn my travel date!! I have not chosen a date yet.. I am waiting to find out when my last exam is so I can book a ticket to Bangkok. Since I have unfortunately almost drained all my travel savings, I won’t be able to spend as much time there as I would like to and go to as many places as I planned..

I’ll probably have to go for 2 months which sucks but there is going to be other times. BUT I WANT TO GO NEXT YEAR 😦  (Sorry, minor tantrum). Positively, I’m also considering volunteering abroad for 10 weeks in Latin America – it would be sick (described as “cool” and “wonderful” by UrbanDictionary) to experience that part of the world and help where the need is greater.

Anyway, now I have a new laptop, I’ll definitely be updating this more regularly.


Over the next few days, I’ll post some pictures of my trip to Poland as I’ve actually been meaning to. In fact, here’s a dessert I had in Wroclaw.


*That is my friend with Mario, not me.

Have you had any setbacks when it came to planning your travels? What were they? How did you overcome them?