UFC: London


So this weekend just gone, I visited London to watch a UFC match…

UFC tees

UFC tees

 It was amazing..!! Doing a 12,000 word dissertation as well as other assignments has barely given me the time to enjoy life let alone be consistent with this blog, so attending this event was like a breath of fresh air.

It has been on my bucket list for a while and the fact that its finally been accomplished, brings me so much joy lol. I had so much fun watching all the fighters do their thing in real life as opposed to online. The music some of them were coming out too was questionable though (Freak me – Keith Sweat ft Silk) but nontheless it was a great night. The atmostphere was also electrifying and on the plus side, we acquired amazing seats!!

Great seats

Below I embedded the 4th winning roundof the main card – Barao vs McDonald

 I wish I was able to take more pics but unfortunately my phone died. Also, an actual bloody fight among the crowd occured just a few metres away from us.. I found it a bit scary but it didn’t dampen my mood that night and it actually hyped up the atmostphere.

On the way..!

On the way..!

Aaa well, I wonder what I’m going to cross off my bucket list next…?

(P.S In terms of my travels in May, its still going ahead.. However, I have not done anything since I booked those flights.

I do plan to turn my attentions back to it after my dissertation is handed in mid-may… Hopefully, thats not too late)

What is the first big event you’ve gone to so far in 2013? Any particular events such as concerts, sports games festivals etc you are hoping to go to this year?


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