Monthly Archives: March 2013

6 weeks to go


Last week I finally handed in my dissertation… WOOHOO!!! It was centered on travel blogs as the cover page alludes.

Dissertation cover

I have been pretty busy moving back home since then and now I can finally say I have enough time to dedicate to this blog. I have not done much since I booked my flights and the first couple of days of accommodation and I honestly don’t know what to do next. I don’t have much time to dwell on it though as I have just over 6 weeks left until i begin my journeys.. EEK!

Somewhere in Bangkok where i’ll be

What do I do next? I know I have to sort out my travel insurance asap then maybe look into shopping around for a backpack.. I remember obsessing over my travels just at the end of last year but now, since I have had my mind on other priorities, I honestly don’t have a clue.


What should be my next call of action?