The Full Moon Party…


…in Koh Phangan coincides with my birthday! Woop!! (23rd of June)



A full moon party is bascially a party under a full moon :). Lol people get drunk and skip on fire ridden ropes as the pictures above demonstrate (which is not what I will be doing – I value my life.)

Anyhoo, I have taken some time off from revision and watching Breaking Bad to sort out some travel arrangements. I have managed to sort out the travel insurance which I read thoroughly over and over again.. I think I’m happy with it *shrugs*.  I also changed my flight details due to not wanting to go Dubai and Hong-Kong anymore. I wish to make the most of my time in Thailand and its neighbouring countries and I would just be embarrassed being in those countries with my backpack. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

HongKong and Dubai does not scream ‘backpacking central’ –  NaWhatImSayin’? The flight changes came with an extra charge though :/(£143).

I also finally booked an appointment to see my GP after much probing from my friends. My reluctance was not even because of a fear of needles but more pure laziness haha. I’m just going to get the basics – Hep A&B, Polio and some others I’ve forgotten. Don’t think I have time to take more anyways since I’ve left it so late.

Aarghh, there’s so much more to do (like buy a backpack) but I’m figuring it out (and making excuses in the process for not doing it).. I have 3 weeks to go though so maybe I should get a move on. The fact that I have 4 exams within those weeks is not helping!



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