Recap + new information before I go!


Hi guys! I leave in two days :).

Just thought I would do a quick recap before I go since its been a while!

Vaccinations: I did my vaccinations about 3 weeks ago which I obviously will not recommend. It’s best to leave a sufficient amount of time (at least 6 weeks) due to availability and the course of the vaccines. I had the Hepatitis A and Polio, Direthia combo vaccines as well as Typhoid and Malaria tablets. In the UK, each prescription cost almost £8 each so it’s not that expensive. My nurse also gave me literally 50 pages worth of medical information which I have skimmed through. I should  basically just be careful with what I eat, drink and stay away from needles.

Money: I intended to get a FairFX card which is the best prepaid currency card to get to date however, for some reason whilst trying to order it, the website kept declining my card :(. So I gave up because it takes 7 – 10 working days to arrive and I didn’t have enough time. As an alternative, I ordered the Travelex sterling card which charge much more (2.49% as opposed to FairFX’s 1.4%), although there are no ATM fees. Also, the Travelex card can be done in store, takes 15 minutes maximum and you can get the card there and then (Can you tell I used to work for them? lol). I plan on taking some cash with me as well, about $150 for visa’s and miscellaneous items and a few pounds in Thai Baht. I’ll change the rest when I get there. I’ll also be taking my other cards with me for emergencies.

Luggage: I bought a 45L backpack. I have not started packing yet, however I have gathered everything I need into a huge pile to start tomorrow evening. I may do a list of stuff I brought with me on a later date. I also purchased a money-belt to put my cards, passport, cash etc into and I will also be bringing a zipped up shoulder bag for my camera, guidebook, prescriptions etc. I will not be bringing my laptop for peace of mind.. I don’t want to have to keep worrying about it.

The day of my last exam is the day I’m catching my flight so it’s been stressful to say the list, with myself simultaneously preparing for this trip and revising but it’s still manageable.

This will most likely be the last time I post anything on here whilst I’m in England but I will try my hardest to update whilst I’m over there. Exciting!

Final note: I have a real fear of bugs and I know being in SE Asia would be like I’m in an episode of “Fear Factor“. So it will be a real challenge… Already dreading it. My bug spray is definitely going to be my new best friend!

I will definitely keep you guys posted!


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