From Bangkok to Ko Tao


Over the past couple of weeks, I have been doing something I never thought I would have done whilst planning for the trip – exploring the Thai islands in the south. The original plan was to go to Chiang Mai in the north but as predicted, plans change.

In my accommodation, a few people I had met said they were going to the full moon party which was on the 25th and I ended up tagging along. Through a travel agent in Bangkok, I booked a bus and ferry to Ko Tao, costing 1150 baht. After two nights in Bangkok, myself and a lovely girl I met at my accommodation set off to the island at 5:30pm. The journey took approximately 15 hours as there was so much waiting around in-between the buses and ferry and we didn’t arrive till about 9:30 am.

Once I arrived in Ko Tao, I took a taxi costing 100Baht (which was extortionate) to my pre booked accommodation where I met a mixture of strange and lovely people. I found the islands are a lot more expensive than the mainland however, I justified the price due to how much fun I had. Ended up staying in Ko Tao for four nights where we climbed steep hills, laid on lovely white beaches and partied a lot. It was definitely an island I enjoyed as it caters for everybody and a place I would  love to go back to in the future.


Whilst in Ko Tao, we pre-booked our accommodation for Ko Phangan, a nearby island where the full moon party is celebrated monthly. This is where I would be headed to next with the new friends I made.


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