Mis-communicator of the week: Beyoncé


‘Beyoncé has had a rocky few months’ quotes Edward Staite, founder of Staite Communications. In his article for PR Moment, he branded her the mis-communicator of that week. Mind you, this was in April 2013, rendering it slightly irrelevant now as it was almost a year ago. However, as an advocate of Beyoncé’s legacy (a position I’ve placed myself in as a long time fan), I must defend such extreme comments.


Everything that the author mentioned did take place, however if it had happened to Rihanna or Miley Cyrus, this set of occurrences would have been deemed laughable. Since it was Beyoncé, who is known for her squeaky clean public, it was seen as an outrage.

Yes, Beyonce may have mimed through President Obama’s second inauguration ceremony (although claims have been made she was singing along to the pre-recorded track). To be given such a once in a lifetime opportunity, she should have positively taken advantage of it but as noted in Stalte’s article, she more than made up for it in her Superbowl performance in January 2013. The public praised her especially through social media and everything was well with the media’s portrayal of Beyoncé. This was until she banned press photographers from her ‘Mrs Carter’ world tour after unflattering images from the Superbowl event surfaced. She also asked for these images to be taken down from websites and blogs through her publicist.


From keeping her personal life private to the revelation of her pregnancy, Beyoncé’s brand has always been carefully constructed and to some extent, built on superficiality so this shouldn’t surprise people, whether they are fans or not. Based on this, I really don’t think that Beyonce was mis-communicating anything at all. Also her star power is so big that those moments would be described more as ‘minor mishaps’.

In regards to the image scandal, as a fan, I would have advised her to leave the unappealing pictures alone as she is only human and it is nice to see that side of her especially since she always comes across as ‘perfect’. However, as her publicist, although the wrong action may have been taken, it may have been wise to act upon the release of those negative images as it was not in line with her delicately assembled public image.


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