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Pizza Hut’s & Doughy Essex recent campaign


Whilst browsing through, I came across a very recent campaign that Pizza Express is participating in. Enlisting Joey Essex to help, they have created a rather crazy promotion to celebrate the 45th anniversary of one of their staples, the Dough Balls. Joey Essex, former star of The Only Way Is Essex and popular member of the latest I’m A Celebrity… series, was painted gold to launch the brand new competition where two authentic gold balls worth £5000 each, can be won.


Dubbed ‘Doughy’ Essex for the campaign, he proclaims “January’s always really depressing so it’s nice that someone going out for a pizza or picking up some Dough Balls for dinner on their way home might win gold – that would be amazing.”

The latest campaign allows one lucky visitor to find a Dough Ball covered in edible gold amongst their usual order, which can then be exchanged for a solid gold version. Also, ten edible gold-covered balls will be hidden in special packs of Original Dough Balls, available from selected supermarkets, which will entitle the winner to a year’s worth of free Dough Balls.


Known for his clean-cut image, boyish charm and childlike behaviour, Joey Essex has become a well-sought after ambassador for several brands, especially after his popularity soared from his stint in the I’m A Celebrity series. It’s no wonder Pizza Express chose him for this notably silly campaign, as it goes along well with his image. I can’t think of any other celebrities apart from the Jedwards who would suit this campaign even though they are not currently relevant in the media.


Furthermore, Joey Essex mentions, “I’m really surprised that Dough Balls are so old – they’re my favourite – and the Sloppy Giuseppe pizza. I always get it because ‘Giuseppe’ means ‘Joe’ in Italian.”

Pizza express are known for their celebrity filled campaigns. Model Jodie Kidd and singers, Jamie Cullen and Sophie Ellis-Bexter has been some of many involved in their campaigns. PR campaigns using celebrities as a brand ambassador, are a popular way to get a message across and increase brand awareness.

Overall, the PR campaign is quirky, making it newsworthy and easy to place in the major tabloids. Seeing Joey Essex painted in gold would delight his fans and also allows the media to form a story surrounding the images. It also gives Pizza Express the exposure it craves.