My ode to Topshop.


As a female who was 6ft tall and slim by the age of 15, I had always found it incredibly difficult to secure clothes that fit me well and most importantly, that were stylish and bang on trend.

This was until I walked into the Bullring’s Topshop one day in Birmingham after a day of participating in mock GCSE’s at school, with the urging of my friends. I remember glimpsing a sign that was titled “Tall” and thinking ” Yh right, I bet the clothes won’t fit me”.

Despite this negative notion, my curiousity got the better of me and I walked over to the section where a rack of jeans stood prettily.

I lightly touched a pair of dark wash skinny jeans that caught my eye instantly and seemed to glow brightly among the rest of the stock. My friend noticed me admiring it and encouraged me to try it on.

“What if it’s too short? ” I asked but she told me to stop being a baby. She didnt understand my fear of being rejected by this beautiful piece of art.

I reluctantly strolled to the changing rooms, closed the curtains and began the process of trying on the jeans. With my palms sweaty and shaky from the combined feelings of anticipation and fear, I had to take a few short moments to calm myself. When the zip was up and the button in place, I counted to 5 before I allowed myself to turn around to face my fate in the mirror.

What I saw astonished me. At that moment was when I knew my transformation from a child to a woman was complete. The jeans fitted perfectly and it looked even more beautiful on me. Who knew that a pair of jeans could have such an impact?

It wasn’t just the jeans that had an effect on me. It was the realisation that I had found a brand that will cater to my needs. A brand that will express my feelings without me having to say it. It was an amazing discovery.

That moment was when my love affair with Topshop began and it is still going, stronger than ever.


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