Alain de Botton: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success


Ever since I got introduced to Ted Talks earlier this year, I have been hooked.

Although I have found some videos to be utter bull, I have delighted in watching others. One of them happens to be by Alain de Bottom and it centred on his philosophy of success.

Not only did I find him engaging and witty, he also touches on so many points in a short amount of time. What really resonated with me was his idea on snobbery and how the western world perceives those who are considered failures. Centuries past, these “failures” would simply have been deemed unfortunate and people would have sympathised with them. However, nowadays, with the media being the biggest culprits, they are seen as losers with the world laughing at you.

It’s perhaps one of the reasons why there is so much emphasise on getting that great job or having materialistic things.

Anyways, enjoy watching!


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