My To Do list for life!

1) Get a full time role in the PR industry
2) Ride an elephant
3) Skydive (anywhere in the world)

4) Go zorbing 

5) Visit Japan (Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo)
6) See the great wall of china
7) Ride a hot-air balloon
8) Climb Mt. Fuji
9) See the grand canyon
10) Go bungee-jumping
11) Visit Niagara falls again (Visited in 2005)
12) Get married
13) Have a child
14) Go disneyworld, seaworld and universal studios in Orlando Florida
15) Have a wild week or weekend in Miami
16) Have a wild week or weekend in Las Vegas

17) VisitHalong Bay in Vietnam (Achieved July, 2013)

18) Backpack around South East Asia  (Achieved May – July, 2013)

19) Visit the Auswisch-Birkenau camp in Poland  (Achieved Sept, 2012)

20) Visit at least 3 museums in London (British Museum – January, 2013)
21) Do a Go-Ape course (Achieved September 2012)
22) Finish my degree with at least a 2.1 (Achieved June, 2013)
23) Watch a UFC match live (Achieved February 2013)
24) Go travelling on my own (Achieved September 2012)
25) Visit Ireland (Achieved June 2014)
26) Ride a camel (Achieved June 2012)
27) Go quadbiking (Achieved June 2012)
28) Somehow meet Rick Ross one day (lol)
29) Visit the carnival in Rio de Janeiro
30) Watch the Olympics live
31) Go to a world cup match

32) Do the route 66 trip across the USA

33) Go to a Madame tussaunds museum
34) Visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam
35) Spend more than two days in Accra, Ghana
36) Visit my parents villages in Nigeria
37) Visit Victoria falls in Zimbabwe
38) Eat something out of my comfort zone (Achieved July, 2013 – ate some worm things in Bangkok)
39) Swim with Dolphins
40) Go to a full moon party in Thailand (Achieved May 25th, 2013)
41) Visit Havana, Cuba
42) Go to Thorpe Park in England
43) Couchsurf (Achieved March 2014)
44) Get a lap dance in King of Diamonds in Miami (Yolo lol)
45) Visit Mardi Gras in New Orleans
46) Go Glastonbury festival
47) Go camping for more than one night
48) Shower in the rain 😀
49) Go Scubadiving
50) Learn how to swim
51) Visit another city in Poland
52) Take a picture with a tiger in Thailand
53) Travel to another country for one day (Achieved October 2012)
54) Attend a UFC primetime show
55) Start a business
56) Travel around Eastern Europe
57) Speak French fluently

As time goes on, I’ll be adding to this list!



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