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Oh yea, I’m going to Africa tomorrow.


I have finally taken some measures to sooth this travel bug that has been disturbing me for some time. Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for the beautiful country of Cape Verde for a week.


I truly welcome this break and I cannot wait to immerse myself in another culture. There is not much information online about visits to Cape Verde so I plan to write a detailed feature on my trip and hopefully, provide tips that may benefit others. Most people have asked me where Cape Verde is and it is in Africa – west of the Gambia (Not Spain or Portugal). It comprises of 10 volcanic islands in the Atlantic ocean and I will be staying in Sal. One of my main goals during this trip is to visit Santiago, another island where the capital, Praia, is situated. I also plan to try as many local cuisines as humanly possible.


Last week, I discovered my passport was damaged so had to rush off to Durham the next day to sort that out. It was frustrating to have made such a long journey for a procedure that only took less than 30 minutes but it had to be done! I definitely learnt a valuable lesson that day – check your passport before you leave the country! If I had checked it any later, I may have not gotten my documents in time as it was a 7 day process. In all honesty, if I had checked it even earlier, I would have saved so much more time, hassle and money. So guys, learn from my mistakes please 🙂

As for the holiday, many pictures will be taken and I will update you  when I get back.